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Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

I love kitchen gadgets that make my life easier! I don’t have a real roomy kitchen, so I have to be selective. A lot of my favorites are hand tools that just WORK! I will be updating this page regularly, so check back every so often to see what my latest and greatest tools are.

Vidalia Chop Wizard

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This very sturdy chopper is wonderful for making quick work of turning tomato, potato, and onion slices into a medium or fine diced product. Really fast for potato soup making, tomatoes and onions for salads, sauces or soups. Comes with a comb to easily clean up after use.

Pampered Chef Garlic Press

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Getting a good garlic press is critical to a plant-based kitchen. You want one that squeezes the garlic easily, that doesn’t require you to peel the clove, and comes with a tool to clean the little holes. This one checks all the boxes! Based on some reviews, I don’t recommend putting it in the dishwasher. I’ve never put it in a dishwasher and never had any problems, but apparently dishwashers tend to take of some of the finish.

Magnetic Knife Holder

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Found in every professional kitchen, but less commonly in home kitchens, a magnetic knife holder is the very best way to store your knives so they are not bouncing around getting dull in a drawer, and will prevent accidental cuts when you reach for a knife. You might want one for larger knives and metal tools and another for paring and garnish knives. You really don’t need a lot of knives if you have a good selection of high quality knives and a sharpener to keep them in optimal form.

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